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Material Handling 247 Recognizes Truck Restraint Light Kit (TRLK)

The Truck Restraint Light Kit (TRLK) is a finalist in this years Material Handling 24/7 9th Annual Readers' Choice Products of the Year Awards. LED Lighting system that activates when a tractor-trailer truck locks onto a warehouse dock. This life‐safety innovation helps prevent forklifts from falling off docks or departing trucks.

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Upon locking, the outside LEDs facing the truck turn flashing-red, indicating he cannot leave. ​Conversely, the LEDs inside the warehouse turn green, indicating the forklifts are free to enter the restrained truck. If the dock’s door leaves fully-open status while the lock is engaged (dock door is creeping down), the LEDs will flash red, indicating danger of forklifts hitting the door.

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Material Handling Product News and Material Handling 24/7 present our 9th Annual Readers’ Choice Products of the Year Awards. These awards honor the achievements of companies for advances in material handling systems and equipment within manufacturing, distribution centers and warehouses.


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