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LED Truck Restraint Light Kit

The Truck Restraint Light Kit (TRLK) is a lighting system that activates when a tractor-trailer truck locks onto a warehouse dock. This life‐safety innovation helps prevent forklifts from falling off docks or departing trucks.


Upon locking, the outside LEDs facing the truck turn flashing-red, indicating he cannot leave. ​Conversely, the LEDs inside the warehouse turn green, indicating the forklifts are free to enter the restrained truck. If the dock's door leaves fully-open status while the lock is engaged (dock door is creeping down), the LEDs will flash red, indicating danger of forklifts hitting the door.

If the docking truck lacks a functional lock-bar and the truck restraint enters a lock-fail state, the LEDs will flash amber, indicating danger (manually chock wheels).


Benefits Include:

  • Increased safety for drivers and warehouse employees

  • Minimal cost compared to repair and injury costs

  • Visual signals are much more effective in high-noise environments than audible alarms.

Product Options:

  • 1' horizontal x 1' vertical or
    1' horizontal x 3' vertical option

  • With or without outside signal light

  • With or without door limit switch


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