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Industry Recognizes ApproachAlert 2-way

The ApproachAlert 2-way, a finalist in Material Handling 24/7 9th Annual Readers' Choice Products of the Year Awards, has revolutionized safety through blind doorways.

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The system notifies both sides of a doorway when someone is about to pass through. When multiple participants approach a doorway simultaneously from opposite sides, our product interprets the incoming triggers and makes decisions about the order in which to allow passage.

The ApproachAlert 2-way helps prevent costly accidents and deadly injuries by providing bright LED lights that signal right of way, similar to a traffic light system.

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More information from publication:

Material Handling Product News and Material Handling 24/7 present our 9th Annual Readers’ Choice Products of the Year Awards. These awards honor the achievements of companies for advances in material handling systems and equipment within manufacturing, distribution centers and warehouses.


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