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  • Can I buy directly from you?
    We only sell directly to dealers. Our dealers sell to end-users. End-users should contact their installers to get quotes.
  • How much does it cost?
    The total cost of ownership for an overhead door and/or dock should always include legal liability, repair costs for damaged vehicles, staff time handling accidents, as well as parts and labor to repair damaged equipment . Our LED door and dock clients see drastic reductions in accidents, so their costs are lower with LED-enhanced doors or docks than with unlit options. It is hard to quantify reductions in legal liability, but injury-related accidents can cost many $thousands. The incrementally-higher costs (versus unlit options) are immaterial compared to the benefits. Specific quotes should be obtained from your door or dock maintenance company.
  • How do I get technical support?
    BrinkAlert provides full remote technical support to professional installers who purchase from the manufacturers representatives. Email Us! Call Us! 786-339-9840
  • What is your warranty policy?
    Please complete RMA request form here. Overhead door & dock-lock parts are warranted for 3 year from date of purchase.
  • Do you sell door or dock operators or parts?
    No, we do not sell any door or dock operators or operator parts. We manufacture LED light strips, aluminum track for mounting LEDs, LED Controller devices, and other electronic circuitry products. We also make a variety of software programs.
  • How do the colors change?
    Our LED Controller is a small computer that is installed inside overhead door operator's housing. This Controller has an input header for incoming signal wires. It has one or two output LED headers for powering 1-2 LED strips. It has 1 DC power header for receiving 12VDC 5A power. The signal header's wires connect to the door operator's output relays or signal headers. Thus, our Controller is pulling status information directly from the operator, so the Installer does not typically need to install limit switches.
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